Domed Name Badges

What are domed name badges? What is special about domed name badges? Why are they called domed name badges? Is polyurethane coating an important component in domed name badges?

Name badges are considered a significant part of the company’s image. Many people have benefited from wearing name badges. It has made the customer feel at ease. The employees look more professional when wearing name badges. The owners gained new business opportunities with the help of the name badges. It has also served as a promotional tool and advertised the company in various events. In every aspect of business, name badges have contributed its services.

Since it has been determined that name badges play an important function in the company, the type of name badges to be used should be carefully chosen. The quality and the durability of the material must be considered cautiously. The appearance of the name badges should be kept abreast with the image of the company so that the wearer will take pride in wearing it. It should not be flaked or chipped. The colours of the design must not be faded. Name badges must be protected from scratches and scuffs.

Employees sometimes place them in their pockets or bags and they are scraped by other objects. When ordering for name badges, it would be wise to ask the suppliers if their name badges are coated with polyurethane. Polyurethane coating is a thick plastic that covers the name badges. It is like a clear roof that houses the name badges, like a dome. Hence, it is called domed name badges. Polyurethane coating makes the name badges look classy and keeps it looking like new even after using it for a long time. Polyurethane coating is not only great for the appearance of the name badges but also for protection from scratches and scrapes. Due to its thickness, the design on the name badges will be preserved for an extended period of time. The colours would still be shimmering. Reordering will not happen frequently. Whatever material your name badges will be made of, be sure to order from the supplier who provides polyurethane coating for free just like Name Badge Company. It will save your company from additional expenses and the effort of reordering. With domed name badges, the wearer will not be embarrassed to show off his name badges.

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