Don’t Forget Wearing Your Name Badge

Most corporations include in their rules and regulations the wearing your name badge . Corporations recognise the value of wearing name badges in the marketing aspect as well as for internal purposes and employees must follow the rules and regulations of the corporation or they will have to face the consequences. When the employees forget their name badges, they will have to worry about several situations aside from the reprimand of the management. First and foremost, they cannot enter the office premises without the name badges.

They will have to convince the security personnel to allow them to enter because they are really employees of the corporation. If they cannot convince the security personnel, they will have to go home and get their name badge which is quite inconvenient. If after some painstaking explaining the employee was allowed to enter, he still has to face some obstacles because he is not wearing his name badge.

Other employees will keep asking him about his name badges and he has to explain repeatedly what happened to his name badge and how he was allowed to enter the office. His superiors will also bother him with the same questions and they will keep reminding him that next time he should not forget his name badge. Employees who forgot their name badges will have limited movement around the office premises. There are certain areas in the premises that are accessible only to a chosen few.

If that employee forgot his name badge, he would not be able to access a restricted area. It also the same with supplies requisition. Employees without name badges cannot request for supplies. In a large corporation with various departments and units, employees are not acquainted with each other. Name badges are necessary identification to prove that you are an employee. Employees of other departments will be cautious in dealing with a person without name badges. Rules and regulations are made and implemented for specific purposes. Wearing your name badge are not only for the corporations benefit but also for the convenience of the employees.

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