Going Green With Dry Erase Name Badges

Companies all over the world are adopting environmentally friendly policies for their day-to-day operations. These businesses are always on the lookout for ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Almost every part of operations can be evaluated and modified to reduce the strain on our environment. We can make a difference in every detail, including the name badges we wear every day.

You may think that name badges make only a small impact on the environment, but that is false. Millions of people across the globe use name badges on a daily basis. Large companies with frequent employee turnover have to use a lot of name badges. When a name badge is customised for one employee, it won’t be of any use once that employee has separated from the company. A dry erase name badge, alternatively, is adaptable to new employees.

Dry Erase name badge for businessHow many name badges do you have in your possession from former employers or occasions? If you’re like me and keep useless items, you may have several. If those name badges had been reusable, it might be on a new employee’s shirt right now, rather than gathering dust in your closet.

Besides being eco-friendly, do you know that dry erase name badges can be used for marketing? One way to market your brand with a name badge is to provide an image. This can be printed on the dry erase badge, or designed with dry erase markers. Use this space to advertise special offers. You can get very creative with this! Dry erase marker colours are bold and flashy, so put your message out there on each employee, and be seen by all potential customers.

If you are concerned about how your handwriting may affect your image, no worries. You can get a label maker instead. Use printed labels on blank dry erase badges. Create a printed name that can be easily deciphered. When you no longer need the label, simply pull it off, and it’s ready for renewed use.

Dry erase name badges are handy for applications outside the business world. If you are hosting any sort of event where meetings will occur, you can provide your guest with a blank name badge. Dry erase name badges look much nicer than the disposable peel and stick type name badges. You will be able to save the name badges for your next event, saving the hassle of additional purchases.

Universities, colleges, and schools host many educational and social events. Student success can be influenced by the ability to make connections with peers. Help your students break the ice by providing dry erase markers and name badges for orientations, club meetings, and lectures. Your students will have fun and be creative in their designs. This is a nice way to encourage a sense of belonging, especially for students who may have insecurities.

Above all, make sure you get your name badges returned to you! Our efforts to go green with reusable dry erase name badges will be a wash if people keep them or discard them altogether. Charge a fee. Require a deposit. Do whatever is necessary to make sure these name badges aren’t discarded! These ideas, along with your other efforts, will all add up to make the planet a little greener.

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