The Trending Stuff About E- Name Badges

In the fast-paced development of today’s technology, one must improve their business facilities as to attract more customers. The more high-tech a company is the better. Most people today have social lifestyles that companies need to cater. The use of computers and other advanced technologies such as electronic name badges are the trend especially in the corporate world.

Electronic name badges or E-name badges are given to employees and clients or customers that entitle them the use of several facilities. These name badges are used as a door keycard which automatically turns on or off all electric devices inside the room such as lighting, air conditioner, electric fan, a refrigerator or a heater. An employee uses his electronic name badge for logging in and out of his job; the machine then identifies the name of the employee and therefore counts his time at work. This electronic badge also entitles an employee to access personnel rooms and private offices.

For clients, it can be used as keycards, as an access to their internet connectivity or wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), as a pass for an indoor or outdoor facility like a restaurant or a swimming pool. This kind of electronic name badge is usually used in hotels, hospitals or a recreational park.

The possibilities of information that can be embedded in an electronic name badge are endless. Employers can choose a unique specific data like tracking capability or automatic identification capability whenever the badges are swiped. With these benefits, unauthorized people can be prevented in accessing restricted areas.

Another advantage of this electronic name badges is that it is programmable and very handy to use especially for new clients who are not familiar with the system. Employees have permanent electronic name badges for identification and security purposes. It basically includes their name, position, business logo, a photo or signature and station or sometimes a color code. Badges given to customers are temporary so it doesn’t have to have a name printed on it, but only a number and a color code.

An electronic name badge physically looks like an automated teller machine card but with different uses and advantages. These name badges are either for public or private use. Some companies give away an electronic name badge as a souvenir to special guests or to hosts. With this move, the company, in a way, advertised their product and services offered.

An item or a thing that can be read or seen with the company’s name, logo, contact information and products is a creative advertisement strategy. It can definitely increase the number of people interested in their business especially when it is recommended by the guests they have given their electronic name badges to.