Embroidered Badges

Ever wondered about the history of embroidered badges? Did you know that embroidered badges are very old and have been around for many years and were used to award military personnel? Are you aware that some embroidered badges are even considered collectibles?

Embroidered badges must be one of the oldest badges that ever existed. It goes back to the times of Freemason where embroidery was treated as past-time. In the old days, embroidered patches were made using huge machines the size of ancient looms. They were primarily used to hide holes and repair tears on military uniform. Prominent men in China during the Ming and Qing dynasties need no introduction as they wear intricately designed, embroidered badges sewn with gold thread on their chest and backs.

In the US, embroidered badge were designed to give honour to military personnel. Embroidered badges, to this day, are sewn not only in the uniforms worn by the military personnel or the Police Department, but also in many other profession such as airport security, delivery personnel, cleaning services, etc. They are also used to id a toddler in a day care centre.

Magnetic name badges are widely used because it attaches to all types of fabric and highly suitable for use in identifying a person as an employee of a company. Having embroidered badges on uniforms aids in ensuring the security of the workplace by limiting entry to authorised personnel. Our community police officers have switched to using embroidered name badges to reduce the risk of losing name badges from scuffles.

There are many ways to apply an embroidered badge. Whether it’s to an article of clothing such as shirts or caps, embroidered badges can be the iron-on type, sew on patches, stick on patches, and many more. Depending on the purpose for the embroidered badge, any of the above method may be used.

At present there are many different embroidered badge designs brought about by embroidery digitizing. In the field of sports, athletes and renowned product endorsers are often seen wearing embroidered uniforms that subtly advertise their sponsors. Other wear name badges for pet as a fashion statement or to simply just be different.

Unlike what most people think, embroidered name badges are not at all the same. Like typical plastic name badges, embroidered badges come in various colours and styles and can be made to suit any preference.