Embroidered Name Badges

Embroidery is an old art or a handicraft of decorating fabric using a needle with a thread or yarn. Using different materials like sequins, beads and pearls are also part of this craft. This is one of the oldest methods of naming clothing.

There are five basic embroidery stitches and they are known as the stem stitch, cross stitch, split stitch, chain stitch and the split stitch. These stitches are still used as foundations in the fabric community until today.

Embroidered name badges were considered as a symbol of ownership during the ancient times but proved to be useful for other clothing as the time went by. In a way, it started the development of fashion. Embroidered name badges are commonly used in military uniforms, sports apparels, school or work uniforms and other organizations. As time passes by, embroidered name badges have been customized in different ways resulting into innovative designs. It is also used in giveaway items like caps, shirts, towels, bags, jackets or lanyards. Other than that, embroidered name badges are trending as labels in clothing.

Because of technology, there is an embroidery machine that mimics the basic foundation stitches and more. It enables more complicated designs and a plethora of colors to go well together. Digital embroidery is usually offered by companies that offer customization services. This is a permanent kind of name badge. It is durable and can’t be easily undone. There are different colors and backgrounds to choose from so you will have a lot of choices.

Embroidered name badges are designed specifically for their purposes. For example, big bold straight fonts are used in sports uniforms. Athlete’s name must be visible from a distance so that the sports official may recognize him. Another example is embroidered name badges as labels. This is used as a small tag in the clothing to acknowledge its creator. It also serves as an advertising tool for those who can see the label. Polo shirts embroidered by the company name and logo are examples of embroidered name badges. These shirts are used casually by employees or as a second uniform.

Military uniforms have embroidered name badges because of its convenience. It serves as identification without any trouble and is washable. Moreover, embroidered name badges are high quality and durable to sustain a long period of time.

Embroidered name badges are considered to be pricey customized services but tend to leave an elegant quality aura to a product. There are a number of companies that offer this service for an affordable amount. There are also shopping stores in the mall or in the internet that offers embroidered name badges for retail items such as hats and bags. Most companies give huge discounts on bulk orders. Canvassing prices are recommended if you are not familiar with the companies.