Emergency Worker Name Badges

Fireman, Rescue Workers, Policeman are identified not only by their uniforms but by their name badges pinned to their uniforms. Agency name badges are actually a required part of their uniforms. It is such a part, in fact, that if you met someone in uniform that was not wearing their name badge, you would suspect something was not right.

Everyone, children in particular, feel more confident approaching an authority figure whose name is not unknown to them. You might not know the individual by name but the uniform ID badge invites you to remove the barrier that separated this person a stranger.

ID badges also cut down on the confusion associated with an emergency situation. Emotions run high at the scene of an accident. When an officer or rescue worker approaches you to help, introductions are unnecessary and a waste of valuable time.

Plastic or metal name badges on the pockets of the men and women who arrive to help can help put you at ease and give you a name to use when answering questions or filling out an incident report. In the event a constable would come to your house, you might not remember what his ID card said when he introduced himself and showed his badge but more than likely you would remember his name by what was printed on his name badge.

Plastic name badges and metal name badges are also helpful in a situation where emergency personnel from several different agencies arrive to help at the scene of an accident. Captains, lieutenants and supervisors need to be able to direct workers instantly and, as important, need to be able to coordinate with other agencies and departments. Name badges are a fast and accurate way to accomplish this.

Our society operates on an unwritten but age-old belief that a person has nothing but his name and reputation. A person who carries his name on his clothing for all to see is honourable and honest, with nothing to hide. Based on that belief, a civilised population affords respect to the public servant wearing a name badge who has stepped forward when help was needed.

Journalists really appreciate name badges because when reporting a news event, they can easily confirm the spelling and attach the correct name when printing comments in their articles.