Employees Name Badges

Is it enough that companies make their employees wear name badges without giving thought about how the name badges should look? Does the company thick that name badges are only for showing the names of the employees? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, maybe the companies should re-examine their purpose of making their employees wear name badges. Each company has a purpose why they ask their employees to wear name badges. If a company is in the retail industry, the name badges aid the employees in selling.

Customers prefer dealing with people who are familiar to them and with the help of the name badges, customers become familiar with the employees. Customers can freely trust the employees because they became acquaintances. What if the name badges of the employees look shabby and the text are not readable? What impression will it give to the customers? The customers will think less of the employee. They will think that since the employee does not take care of his name badges, he is irresponsible and unprofessional.

Customers do not like to deal with that kind of employee. Customers might even criticise the company for being stingy to their employees. Employees who work in offices wear their name badges daily as required by the rules and regulation of the company. In this case, the purpose of wearing name badges is for identification and security. The employees cannot enter the office premises without it and they can receive a reminder memo for not wearing it. If the employees name badges break easily, this becomes a problem not only for the employee but also for the managers. The managers have to order again for replacements of the broken name badges.

When an employee wears a name badge, he is wearing not just his name. Included in that name badge is the logo and name of the company. The opinion of a customer of an employee is the same as his opinion of the company. If the customer is not impressed with the employee, he is also not impressed with the company. The purpose of wearing name badges is not only for displaying names but also a way to brand the company. The image that name badges create is a reflection of the company hence, it is important for the company to carefully choose and keep good quality name badges or else the purpose of wearing name badges is unachievable.

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