Employees need a Work Name Badges

Have you noticed that little plate or small rectangular object normally attached to the clothing of the person you are talking to when you are conducting your business transaction? Those are what we call name badges. What are name badges? Name badges are used to identify a person or individual on a certain department in a company.

There are different kinds of name badges. There are badges that use adhesives, pins or magnets. Most of the badges are magnetic and custom made. Some use full colors and others prefer the classic black and white for the design.

The designs are normally dependent on the role the individual portray in the company or its job’s description. The badges also contain the logo or sometimes motto of the company aside from the name and the designation of the employee.

Why does an employee need to wear a name badge?
Aside from providing identity, this also promotes a sense of belonging which improves the confidence of the employee. There is a sense of pride that you belong to a certain group. This partly defines you as a person too. It means that by belonging to a certain company, you believe in their ideals and objectives.

For some companies, this is part of their marketing strategies or public relations plan to promote their people. For example, for a company that sells their services, they wear colorful badges and include their company tag lines like, “we are happy to serve you.” This signifies that they are happy people and they are happy to serve their customers. For some, they always include a heart logo for design to signify that they like to render service from the heart.

There are many companies that venture into creating name badges as their business. There are also some online stores that offer this kind of business. You can go online and search using “name badges” as your keyword.

If you want to have some personal touch on it, you can also make one! All you need are some materials you could use like- paper, color pens, pictures, cling film, pins or adhesive. Once you have completed your materials, you have to think about the design you like using the materials you have gathered. As soon as you have the design ready, start creating it using the materials you have. You can print the name using your computer or you can use your color pens to write it. You can use the pictures as designs and use your pens to highlight it. As soon as you have finished your designs, you can use the cling film or cling wrap to protect it and crumple the edges for a more creative effect and use the pin or adhesive to attach it to the clothing. If you want the more standard approach, you can have it laminated after you have finished your design.

Staff name badges are a common sight but what makes it interesting and important is the design and the symbol it projects to strengthen the identity of the employee and the company.