Engraved Name Badges

If you are looking for a professional looking name badge that will carry the name and image of your organization to greater heights, then engraved badges are just the right kind of name badge for you! Engravedbadges are formal in design and enhanced with style that make them appeal to people, most especially to those who are within the top ranks of the corporate ladder.

One reason why engraved name badges are very popular among businesses and individuals is that engraved  badges are highly durable. As most engraved badges are made of hard metal, engraved badges are sturdy and able to handle and withstand the harsh elements that they are exposed to in the work environment. Water, for example, cannot just erase the engraved print in the engraved name badge. They do not scratch easily. Engraved badges are also washable with cleansers when spilled with ink or dye hence the original luster of the badge is restored. Engraved name badges are therefore more long-lasting than other types of name badges.

There are two types of engraved name badges: 1) laser engraved name badges and 2) rotary engraved badges. Laser engraved name badges are the more modern type of engraved name badges that are more fashionable and communicative. They use laser light technology to etch the design or text into a two-layer badge. This exposes the base color of the badge and leaves the badge with an industrial look and feel. You may also opt to cut your badge with square or rounded edges aside from customizing the colors and sizes based on your preference. You can also choose your name badge material whether you like plastic, brass or aluminum. The quality of these laser engraved name badges is outstanding such that they are more noticeable and eye-catching. Laser engraved name badges are all the rage in real estate agencies, law offices, financial institutions, and hospitals.

Rotary engraved name badges, on the other hand, etches the design or text using a motorized rotating cutting tool. The rotary cutter engraves a fixed depth on the name badge and produces the same groove and dimension on the material. Rotary engraving can be performed not just on metal surfaces but on plastic and brass as well. The use of an aluminum and copper mix has also become a growing trend for engraved metal name badges as they oxidize instantly with laser engraving. This method has a number of benefits in terms of engraved name badge manufacturing including less waste, less labor and more control over the engraving process.