Ensure Employees Wear Name Badges

Over the years name badge popularity has grown and continues to grow to new levels. Businesses, companies and organisations that did not put any importance to name badges have started doing so. It is not a wonder then that the market has expanded to cater for the demand. But why really are name badges so vital today? Shopper Anonymous tried to answer this question by carrying out a research across three countries in companies involved in hospitality and retail markets. It found out that customer satisfaction went up in all the companies where employees wore name badges as compared to companies where employees had no name badges. As Shopper Anonymous tried to explain, this is attributed to by various factors. The customers felt more secure around employees with name badges. They unquestionably trusted these employees more than the employees who did not have name badges. This meant that the customer was confident enough to ask for assistance if an employee was wearing a name badge.

Customers were also able to approach employees with name badges and build a rapport. As opposed to companies where employees do not wear name badges, the customer do not need ask whether you an employee. He can easily identify the employee and approach them. Inarguably, employees with name badges have better attitudes and better services to the customers. This the customers notice and will almost always give a positive feedback on these employees. The employees will behave in a highly courteous manner as opposed to an employee without a name badge. On the other hand, an employee with a name badge feels confident. They feel appreciated as part of something bigger. This means they will be do their best to deliver the best results to their job. Mostly this means an employee will go out of their way to please even an unpleasant customer.

The name badges also create teamwork in the company. The employees will thus relate to each other like one big family. This will create a friendly atmosphere that even the customers will notice. It will boost the morale of the employees and in turn increase productivity. All these factors interconnected will give a positive atmosphere where customers feel welcome. They will thus leave, feeling satisfied with the services and very encouraged to come back. If your company therefore do not possess name badges, go out and get some today!

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