Event Name Badges

To many event organizers, event name badges are a must-have and are often included in the welcome kit given away in trade fairs or any event where many professionals meet and greet. Depending on the occasion, event names badges may vary in design and make.

Event name badges come in many forms. Companies who often sponsor an event usually employ the use of reusable name badges. These reusable event name badges in turn can be in the form of acetate or acrylic name badges. These types of event name badges are cost-effective as compared to others where the names are permanently imprinted on each name badge. “Reusable” event name badges possess a sturdy quality to withstand long or repeated use. However, reusable event name badges are not always the best solution to cater to an event. Formal occasions and gatherings where creating a lasting impression is important require event name badges that matches the level of professionalism of the attendees.

In trade fairs where many important decision makers of the company attend, an impressive looking event name badge that does not damage the fabric would give off the right signal and impress the right people.

Name Badge Company knows exactly what you need in an event name badge and we will help you create the name badge that will reflect your company values in the most flattering way. We will help you attract people where you could market your products and services. So how do we do it? Our company offers 3 different shapes for your event name badges with 8 colour options.

To ensure high-quality prints of event name badges, we employ RGB printing and pantone colour matching. You will be impressed as we coat all our event name badges with polyurethane material that renders your badges scratch proof. Not only that, we let you use magnetic fixings on your event name badges without the added cost. We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in every solution. To help you make your decision, we are throwing in free artwork design for your event name badges which normally costs £30. You need not fear losing all these freebies and discount as we offer them to you even for a single piece of an event name badge!

To show our appreciation, we always provide bigger discounts on bulk orders for event name badges. Depending on the actual volume of event name badges, your order will arrive between 2 to 5 business days. Order now and experience first class service at an affordable price.