What Makes Fabric Name Badges That Different

Name badges can vary in their materials, colors and shapes. Temporary name badges are usually made out of paper products and related materials. These are the cheapest ones and very easy to make. However, there are permanent name badges, too. These are the ones that can withstand a long period of time. It may take months or even years.

One of these permanent name badges are fabric name badges. This is usually seen in uniforms of campers, officers, school uniforms and other similar organizations. These name badges are either sewed or woven in clothing. These are customized, durable and the colors won’t fray easily. These are pre-made and can be sewn by hand or machine.

When attached to clothing, these name badges are flexible and washing machine friendly so no worries about scratchy feelings or such. Private schools usually have their own signature look and fabric name badges are one of them. The fabric is sewn in the left chest of their uniforms. Some fabric name badges have a color coding in them. These are for organizational purposes of the school.

Camping uniforms like for boys and girls scout have fabric name badges, too. Because of a kid’s capability to lose something small and unnecessary for them, camp organizers strategized to create an identification tool that won’t be a trouble for youngsters. Fabric name badges are attached to a kid’s uniform so no matter what he does, he will always be identified. Other than that, it does not make a kid uncomfortable like other kinds of badges. They have other fabric badges too that is usually given to campers as recognition.

Military cadets use this kind of name badge, too. Because of their daily training, be it in mud or cement, fabric name badges are practical and durable to use unlike other name badges. This is usually sewn in their left side chest pockets and commonly starts with the cadet’s surname and the first letter of his given name.

Fabric name badges are one of the cheapest yet durable kinds of name badges. It is renowned for its practicality, guaranteed to be fast in color and shrink-free when washed and tumbled dry. They are available in a variety of colors, fonts and even backgrounds. When you want one, be sure to find the right fabric name badge for you.