Fancy Lanyards: A Chic Clothing Accessory

Fancy lanyanrdUniforms, regardless of how colorful or custom-fit they may be, still look plain and boring to the average student or employee. What people usually do is to wear additional clothing accessories to accentuate their office or school uniforms and appear more attractive and fashionable. They use trendy earrings, bracelets, belts, necklaces and even bags to draw other people’s attention. Most of the time, these eye-catching clothing accessories initiate conversation among strangers, friends, or between employee and customer.

However,Lanyards given the formal setting of schools and business offices, loud and excessive clothing accessories are usually prohibited. Students and employees are left with a minimal selection of embellishments to their school and business attires. To solve this common fashion emergency, fancy lanyards are quick, affordable and chic alternatives to chunky necklaces as adornments to your simple uniforms.

Lanyards are chains used to hold name badges or identification cards. Many companies today use lanyards to carry their corporate name badges instead of the traditional pin, clip or button as lanyards can be customized to match the name badge and your uniform or designed depending on the preference of the organization. Lanyards are typically made of cloth and worn on the neck, wrist and shoulder; and aside from carrying your name badges, lanyards can also be used to carry your mobile phones, wallets, mp3 players, USB flash disks, ball pens, and digital cameras.

Similar with name badges, lanyards can also bear the name and logo of your company. Lanyards can be made of cloth, beads, metal chains, or plastic in your company color and may include symbols and text that represent your corporation. Symbols and text can either be printed or woven into your chosen lanyard material.

For businesses that use name badges with swipe functionality, there are also available lanyards with pull tags so that the employees are able to pull their name badge and swipe it. There are also adjustable lanyards that can be transformed from a neck lanyard to a wrist lanyard. Recyclable lanyards are also expected to rock the lanyard market soon given the intensifying demand for more eco-friendly and green products.

Be hip and be chic! Fancy lanyards are definitely your most affordable and most professional way to be smart and stylish.