Fast Food Name Badges Is Important To The Service Crew

When you enter a restaurant, you’ll be immediately seated in a table and a waiter will introduce himself to you and give you a menu. You will choose from the menu the food you want to eat and tell them to the waiter. Then he’ll leave you for a while to place your order in the kitchen. After a few minutes, he will return to serve the food you ordered. That’s the way in a traditional restaurant.

Sometime in the 1948, a new kind of restaurant emerged and it was called fast food. In a fast food restaurant, the food menu is always the same and they are prepared and served quickly. There are also some changes in the way food was served. When you enter a fast food restaurant, you will approach a counter where a service crew will greet you and ask for your order. The menu is listed on the upper wall behind the crew. Upon ordering, you will immediately receive your food, and then pay the service crew. You may now choose your table and eat.

There are a lot of differences between the two restaurants but one goal remains. That is to serve the eating public not only with good food but also with excellent service. The fast food service crew is similar to the waiter. He greets the customer, asks their orders and serves them. He is the first person that you’ll encounter in the restaurant. His service is significant for the customer’s continued patronage of the restaurant. But, unlike the waiter, the fast food crew doesn’t have to verbally introduce himself because he has a name badge.

A name badge is not only a way to introduce oneself but also a way to remind the customer of the name of the service crew. It is important for the customer to know the name of the crew specially when there’s a problem with the service. When the fast food restaurant gives the crew a badge, it means the crew has completed the food service training and is confident that the crew will perform his duties to best of his abilities. It is an acceptance of the crew as part of the organization.

The name badge is a part of the fast food crew uniform. The uniform is not complete without it. Just like a restaurant won’t be complete without its service crew.