Football Badges

Football or soccer is one of the oldest and most popular sports played all throughout the world. Where or when exactly football started is a hypothetical question. But you can say that it has been played for thousands of years. Its rapid popularity was done by British traders, soldiers and sailors introducing it to other countries.

Presently, the modern-day football has developed its rules governed by FIFA and scheduled a world cup tournament every four years. National teams from different country were distinguished by their badges. Football merchandise was launched into the commercial market as the sport spread worldwide.

At first, the merchandises were sold so as to promote the teams and gather support among the crowd. Nobody expected it would affect the world so much. Soon, thousands of fans either young or adult started collecting souvenirs of their favorite teams. From photos, newspaper clippings, shirts, game tickets and most of all, the football badges.

Unlike the other memoirs that can be creased, water damaged or marked by pens, football badges can last for a long time. Vintage football badges are worth a fortune. It was mass produced during the 1960’s and early 1980’s by Coffer Sports. Their products are the oldest and rarest football badges. Most of these badges can be seen in a museum or a school memorabilia shrine.Football badges are becoming popular to collect. As the demand rate hikes up, so does the price of these badges. Rare and vintage football badges are sold at auctions while some can be found online.

Football badges contain the crests of a team. These crests represent their country or region. The design of a football badge is normally themed using the colour of their country flags. This is seen in their official uniform embroidered in the upper left part of the shirt and at the bottom left side of their shorts. The design of their uniform may alter the position of the football badge but it is visible to everyone.

The teams produce their own badges for certain occasions. Different football badges were made over the years. Some for temporary use only made by supporters but the national league has its permanent type of football badges.

First on the list are the enameled football badges. These are decorative, small, easy to store and requires minimum maintenance but still looks good after several years. Most of the enamel badges are sold for a limited time only. Thus, this type of football badge is coveted by most collectors.

The other type is the football pin badges. The team’s badge is digitally printed in full colours and heat pressed into a plastic or aluminum covering with a pin. Originally made for die-hard fans and supporters, the pin badges are now used as a form of expression and a fashion trend to show one’s favorite team. It is pinned in different places; shirts, jackets, caps, bags, and more. The price range attracts the peer fans. This is the cheapest kind of football badges; it is very affordable and can be purchased in the football team’s own shop or any store selling sports merchandise.