Free Name Badges

In life, they say that nothing comes for free anymore. Unfortunately, whoever thought and said that is dead wrong. There is still such a thing called Free Name Badges. If you are wondering how you can avail of these free name badges, read on the next paragraphs and be amazed!

The local and international supply industries for name badges are thriving and greatly driven by volume. Part of these industries is the manufacturing and selling (wholesale and retail) of name badge products like name tags, name badges, lanyards, clips, buttons, name badge holders, magnets and other name badge making supplies. For most name badge companies, their primary target markets include event organizers as well as employers of giant corporations.

As the name badge supply industry continues to go hi-tech, more and more name badge companies are pursuing online marketing and advertising presence and utilizing computer-based software and programs for more contemporary artwork and graphics. Competition has risen to a more intense level which has moved small, medium and large name badge organizations to take action fast or suffer the consequences of complacency. For this reason, majority of the name badge companies now provide free name badges as samples to their existing clients as well as their prospective market and customers.

When you search the words “free name badges” on Google, you will be able to get hundreds of thousands of links directing you to websites that offer free name badges. Many companies think that by offering free name badges on their websites, they are becoming more effective and efficient as a name badge seller. The words “free name badges” are viewed as a very helpful marketing tool.

In reality, there are some sites that only say free name badges but do not actually immediately provide free name badges rather will ask you to pay for something else (usually high end and expensive products) before you get the free name badges that they are speaking of. But, there are also others that give away free name badges as samples to convince you that you should let them create your corporate or individual name badges for you.

These free name badges allow you to modify your name badge design before making your final orders to them online. Companies usually account for the manufacturing and shipping costs of these free name badge samples.
Other name badge suppliers sometimes give away free name badges to their clients especially if they order and purchase a large volume of custom name badges. The suppliers will either provide extra quantities of the same type of name badge that you ordered or give you a batch of free name badges that are their standard name tags which are less expensive.

There are also instances where the name badge suppliers do not offer free name badges but instead waive the shipping fees for orders above a certain value or number or going to specific or nearby locations.