Full Colour Name Badges

A name badge, as have been established by many articles in this website, does not only serve as a mere identification of a person or his affiliation. The unique qualities or design of a name badge could provide a lasting impression to people which many companies work very hard to achieve.

With the advent of technology, the design of a typical name badge has significantly evolved from the very straightforward to a considerably complex one. The simple name badge of long ago that was characterized by the very basic of information now carries so much detail about a person that does not necessarily relate to his work but would prove helpful to others.

The ability to stand-out is generally considered a must-have quality of a typical name badge in the sense that it has to be noticeable. With all the details that companies embed in their staff name badge, it is therefore vital that the design and the content layout of a company’s name badge be able to highlight specific information.Full colour name badges solve this problem for everyone. The advances in technology has brought about the use of full colour printing where four ink colours (CMYK) are combined to produce millions of other colours.

The advent of full colour printing has eventually brought a demand for full colour name badges as companies vie for uniqueness and quality representation. Companies who are aware of the significance of colours in the success of a business make their employees wear full colour name badges.

Based on research, colour representation of products and/or services, accounts for 60% of the acceptance or rejection level as colours have the ability to motivate, impress, and influence. It follows that companies who would like to succeed should put emphasis on their use of colour schemes and this can be started in their careful selection of colours for their full colour name badges. A full colour name badge on an employee’s lapel is expected to provide greater impact as compared to a mediocre name badge.

According to another research, people can make subconscious judgment based on colour alone within the first 90 seconds of seeing a person and this assessment can be between 62% and 90%.

For companies where face-to-face interaction is very common, a full colour name badge that speaks of high quality and taste, will definitely give that definitive edge.