Funny Name Badges

Often in a group or social event, it isn’t easy to talk to guests or strangers. These events are crucial for introduction and may create gaps. Business meetings, seminars, conferences and similar events often call for professionalism and a formal atmosphere which tends to get boring. However, if you want to liven up your event, create an activity that will put all the guests at ease. Consider giving out funny name badges for the activity.

Funny name badges have been a trend to most corporate events because of the aura it makes. It can make people comfortable with each other. In spite of the cool and formal setting, the funny name badges give out positive vibes to everyone. This way, staff and guests alike can converse with each other easily.

Are you wondering how to make a funny name badge? Or what makes a name badge funny? Let me tell you this, funny name badges can be made from different materials and styles. It can be a button name badge or a sticker name badge. Funny name badges that are button type usually has an object design to go with the text. For example, the button says, “Chris Mast” with a Christmas tree image. A funny name badge from this type is sold in different stores and has a plethora of designs. It can be customized for your own texts too but for a price. However, companies would give cost discounts if you order in bulk.

Another type of funny name badge and the most common of all is the sticker name badge. The sticker name badge can be personalized by the guest himself and written by the registration committee. The popular, “Hello, my name is” phrase is always present and sometimes altered a little to create a funny feel. The best examples would be, “Hello, my name is TROUBLE”, “Hello, my name is CARROT CAKE” and “Hello, my name is CONFUSED.” The name should depend on the activity rules; it is up to you if what attributes would you like your guests to put in their funny name badges. It can be a favourite colour, shape, animal, a feeling, current mood, work or combinations like
ROCK STAR NAME: (favourite colour and current car) = Blue Mercedes,
SPY/DETECTIVE CODENAME : (favourite band and first pet) = Skillet Coco, and
SUPERHERO NAME: (favourite season and flower) = Winter Dahlia.

Clever phrases often create a comedic atmosphere although it does seem absurd. Codenames like, “Dr. X” and “Dashing Debonair” are funny yet a nice tactic to spark up the curiosity of others to ask why the names are like that.

Funny name badges can entice strangers to talk to each other without feeling awkward. Its humour will definitely put them at ease. Moreover, the guests will enjoy the activities prepared for them instead of being wary. The events will most likely to succeed with greater productivity and established connections.