Getting Recognized With Company Name Tags

A person’s name can be easily forgotten. A face can easily be mixed on a thousand other people. In the marketing world, name tags have been a best friend to employers and employees alike. It has versatility in its purposes. A name tag can go a long way from a simple hello to written contracts.

Initiating a conversation is always critical but can be prevented through name tags. However, as name tags became popular, people go to extremities just to make their name tags noticeable even if it doesn’t serve its purpose anymore.

Name tags can either boost or break your business if you’re not careful. Whether your business is a hotel, restaurant or corporate offices, it can’t be helped to have fairs or events where you need to have your business recognized. Wearing name tags in proper places may just be a step away from potential clients. Make sure your staff has their own company name tags.

Now, having two name tags seems redundant, right? But this can be a great advantage for you when your company name tags have your company logo. It’s all about brand recognition and networking: Repetition. Next, wear your name tags in visible places where everyone who comes in immediately sees it.

In an event where clients and staff mingle, it can be hard to identify which ones are your employees. Name tags can help identify your staff among the crowd. Now, there are fairs and other events which have poorly designed name tags but this is provided so you are expected to wear them. These name tags are made without consideration in font, size and color. Sometimes the design may even cover the name written in it.

Having a spare name tag is a must for situations like this one. The event coordinator won’t be offended if you have a different name tag as long as you accept the provided ones. “Shouldn’t be your name tag on the right side of your shirt?” This question always comes up every time a person puts his name tag on his left side of his uniform. There are no rules on marketing or networking where the name tags should be formally placed.

Of course, this is the name tag rule that we all are familiar with. Some agree while others don’t. This is because name tags should be worn on the side which makes it more visible. Visibility can vary by your workplace. It doesn’t matter which side of your chest you put it in as long as it’s above your breastbone and can be read from 10 feet or most. Name tags are made for a lot of purposes but one must be sure to use it wisely.