Go Green With Reusable Name Badges

With new technology developing each and every day, environmental unfriendly garbage keep building up in our lives. In the overall, we may think that small issues like name badges cannot contribute to this. However, in the bigger picture the smallest mistakes have as much effect as the huge mistakes.

In choosing to use reusable name badges, we do our part in conserving the universe. Reusable name badges can be as complex as reusable metal name badges or as simple as dry erase name badges. The reusable name badges are expensive and unaffordable for businesses or companies that are trying to cut costs.

Dry erase name badges are the better option in this case. Dry erase name badges are made of a material called polystyrene which is similar to plastic PVC. It is available in different colours. It usually comes blank and the name of the person is simply written using dry erase markers. This can be deleted or rubbed off easily to allow reuse. Dry erase name badges can contain a name alone and/or sometimes a logo can be included. One can play around with different colours.

Custom made dry erase name badges are the best because it allows a person’s or a company’s personality to shine through the badge. These name badges are suitable for conferences, presentations or any other event. To enable the name to stay a little longer, a thin clear tape can be used over the print/name. To fasten the dry erase name badges, many badge fasteners can be used. The badges are blank so they are quite flexible when it comes to fasteners. Magnetic fasteners are suitable for reusable metallic name badges. However, like the metallic name badges they are expensive. Other simpler more affordable fasteners are more convenient. Simple alligator clips or pocket clips can be used with the name badges.

The wearer of the badge can also be more creative and use lanyards or cell phone attachments. When these are used they bring out the badge wearer’s creative personality and companies can use this as promotional tools. Moreover, as the main idea is to preserve resources these are really good because they can be used over and over again without any wear and tear.

Reusable name badges are a great way to promote environmental conservation and in the process educate others on the same. Saving the planet starts with one small environmental friendly deed.

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