Government Name Badges

In a town or city, one thing that can make the government more efficient and effective is having a standardised design for their name badges. Most government name badges have a huge variance from each department. Some of them may be too shabby while others are too elaborate. This may cause confusion to the public. Other than that, the costs of having this plethoric design of government badges are too wide and a waste of budget.

People in offices tend to get more freedom because of their inconsistent dealings with the public. Some department employees do not even wear their name badges because they are not observed every time. These employees are susceptible for acting rude because of their confidence that they can’t be identified and reported. Wearing government name badges can give the public and employees alike the prior information on who is working in that department. Furthermore, it could give the government a transparency and accountability.

Creating a design for government name badges are recommended to have a professional look and a color- coded system. This can either be an acetate, pin, plastic or engraved type of name badge. This depends upon the purpose of the government name badge. The name badge serves as an identification and security card. As an identification card, this must be designed in a simple yet creative layout. Choose something that corresponds with your government service. Professional layouts are themed so you can design with your city’s official colours. Fonts and its size matter too. Make sure that the names are readable 5 meters away. Basic straight fonts are recommended for this design. You can also put the city logo and other essential information but do not put everything on it.

One can opt for having microchips placed in a government name badge. This is for restricted areas that are not open for all employees. For security reasons, there are limited employees that can access certain areas and important details like the city fund bank account. Only employees with their government name badges are permitted to these files.

For several government agencies, there are also programs like on-the-job trainings, most of the time these are graduating students from government schools. For these students, prepare a temporary blank name tag for their identification. This will categorize them into temporary employees and can be of assistance to their assigned department.

Moreover, government name badges should be firm, simple and cost-effective. It would be a way of securing government employees and a part of the government to serve the public with their commitment, professionalism, respect and integrity.