Government Staff Name Badges

When Dr. Mahathir Mohamad became the Prime Minister of Malaysia, he promised that his government will be clean, efficient and trustworthy. Before he became the leader of Malaysia, the government staff name badges have poor working habits, leaving the office early, and not doing their work properly. So, he made the government staff wear name badges and it made a lot difference in the way they worked. Name badges or name tags are worn prominently on the front of the clothing of the staff. It is pinned or clipped usually on the chest to be easily seen by the public.

The name badge displays the full name of the government staff, possibly the position and the department he is working for. He is not allowed to enter the government office if he is not wearing the name badge. Wearing the name badge in the government offices is a measure of security especially when the staff doesn’t have a uniform.

There are areas in the government offices that are off limits to the public because they contain confidential information. With the name badge, the staff could be easily identified and can move around as they need. The public will also know who the staff are and can avoid individuals who are planning to deceive and take advantage of them.

The name badge assists the government in guarding the behavior and dealings of the government staff. It also ensures accountability since the government staff’s name is displayed on the name badge. The government is a place where temptation for corruptions and crime abound. Aware that he can be easily recognized, the government staff will avoid any wrongdoing so as not to be reported to the attention of his superiors and possibly lose his reputation.

The government staff does not only work for the public. He works for the country. He represents what kind of government is being run. The name badge given to him by the government motivates him to act appropriately. To qualify to work for the government, certain tests should be passed. The name badges serves as a sign of an achieved status. The name badge gave the government staff a certain prestige and gave purpose and pride in the way they serve the public. The name badge reminded them that they are part of an institution whose integrity depends on the way they work and serve.