Having The Perfect Name Badge Design

Having The Perfect Name Badge DesignName badges are considered today’s modern identification cards. Aside from the fact that name badges are effective and cost-efficient security measures for an organization, name badges can also be hip and funky accessories to your plain and simple school or office uniform.

But what are the important elements of a name badge? How will you be able to make a badge design that does not only include all the necessary information and detail for proper identification but will also wow the world with its uniqueness and zest?

First, you must select the right material for your name badge. Whether you choose acrylic, vinyl, metal, leather or magnets for your name badge design, make sure that your material is durable and strong enough to endure the constant wear and tear that it will be exposed to in your work environment.

Second, you must have an idea on how big you would like your name badge design to be. Should it be a horizontal name badge, a vertical name tag or will it take a different asymmetrical shape? You should also consider where you intend to wear your name badge. If you will wear it on your neck, then it should not be too big so as not to block your face when dealing with your clients. If you plan to wear it by your shoulder, then it should be large enough to be seen and read by your target audience.

Thirdly, you must decide on the content and wordings that you will put on your badge design. You must consider the size of your name badge design and the message that you would like to communicate to your customers and prospects. Do you like it casual or formal? Shall it be in the form of the question or a statement? Will you be including your full name or just you nickname? What about your position, company name and logo? Will you include them in your name badge design? After resolving all of these things, you can already decide on the font that you want to use as well as the color combination for your final badge design. Make sure that you will use clear and crisp fonts and veer away from script or calligraphy texts that are hard to read.

You can incorporate different shades of your corporate color into your name badge design, mix and match it with your font selection and finally, your name badge  is already complete!