Hospital Name Badges

Why are hospital name badges important? Are name badges a regular part of the hospital uniform? People visit hospitals for treatment or to visit someone they know who is sick. In the medical profession, there are doctors, nurses and medical technicians. In the administrative offices, there are secretaries and clerks. A large number of individuals enter and roam around the hospital at any time. To identify each person and know which division he belongs, hospital name badges are issued.

Name badges display the name of the hospital, name of the person wearing it, the department where he belongs and his designation or position. This will help the patients and their relatives know that they are speaking to the right person. The name badges will also make patients and family feel more comfortable since they know who is taking care of their health condition.

Hospital buildings are often huge and divided into different wings. Some of these areas are sensitive and are accessible only to limited authorized individuals. Hospital name badges are frequently used to gain access into these secured areas. Some hospitals use name badges as key cards to open doors with special security clearances. Name badges should be designed worthy of the service given by the hospital; that is, formal and business-like. The badge design must represent the professionalism exuded by the facility’s doctors, nurses and staffs. The printing on the name badges must be clear and the font should be readable.

There are many types of name badges suitable for hospitals. The hospital may opt for name badges with the individual’s photo as an added security measure. Metal name badges give an elegant look, while plastic name badges are more cost-effective and come in various colours and sizes. The ability to fasten an attachment on the name badges is an additional consideration. The manner of fastening a name badge is an important consideration as well. Pins leaves holes on the wearer’s clothes and can come off and prick either the doctor or the patient. Magnetic name badges are advisable because they are safer.

Name badges play a significant role in hospitals. Some hospitals make it mandatory for their staffs to wear them. The badges give good impressions, and offer authority and acknowledgment of the staff and medical personnel. They are also vital for earning the confidence and trust of the patients in their dealings with various personnel.