Hotel Receptionist Name Badge

What is the purpose of a name badge to a hotel receptionist? What advantage does a hotel receptionist obtain from wearing a name badge? Does it help in the performance of duties and responsibilities?

The main obligation of a hotel receptionist deals mainly with the guests of the hotel. Upon the arrival of the guests, they are welcomed and registered by the hotel receptionist. The advance booking and reservations are also processed by the hotel receptionist. He offers the guest information about accommodations and services of the hotel and handles any request from the guests.

The name badge helps the hotel receptionist in assisting the guests by reminding them of his name. When you have just met a person, there is a possibility that you will forget his name. It is quite embarrassing to keep asking for a person’s name. The name badge saves the guests from a disconcerting incident. All the guests have to do is to look at the name badge. From there, the guests will be comfortable enough to ask the hotel receptionist any question or make a request.

A good hotel receptionist needs good organizational skills. He must have knowledge in the computer software used by the hotel. He compiles the guest bills and receives payments for accommodations. He receives the mails, takes calls and writes down messages. He must know how to prioritize and have time management skills.

The hotel receptionist was hired by the hotel and has passed all the necessary requirements. Thus, he was given a name badge. The name badge signifies the confidence of the hotel in his skills and abilities. The name badge ensures the trustworthiness of the hotel receptionist in handling the information that should arrive to the guests.

Although the organizational skills of a hotel receptionist are important, the interpersonal skills play a more vital role in dealing with the guests. A hotel receptionist must always be calm, courteous and friendly. He must have the ability to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all the guests.

A hotel receptionist must have the ability to handle any tough and challenging situations. Being the first to greet the guests, a hotel receptionist’s personality can attract and retain customers. The name badge adds character to the hotel receptionist as it gives a smart appearance and professional look.

The name badge imparts the hospitality of the receptionist. Hence, the name badge is more than just a display of a name. It is partner in fulfilling the duty of a hotel receptionist.