How Effective Name Badge For Fireman to the Community

fireman name badgeFiremen are dubbed as the modern day heroes; however, being a fireman is not an easy job. It does not only take your physical capability but your mental ability as well. Firemen are expected to take control of the situation immediately. This is a very difficult position because of the strenuous activities that one can encounter. It would take your full commitment to respond at emergency anytime of the day.

Like any normal government employee, a fireman has a name badge, too. As the title goes, this serves as their identification card. The usual name badge for fireman format is their last name and first and middle name initials. Other formats may have the initials first before the last name or their whole name. Some fire station id put their positions or color coding. For color coded fireman name badges, they are systematized by colors to identify their positions. For example, white is for official firemen, green is for EMTs, red are for auxiliary members and so on.

Moreover, there are different types of name badge for fireman. One of them is an embroidered name badge. This kind of name badge is embroidered in their official uniform, their shirt or their jackets. Firemen usually use their shirts for casual station wear or any other normal circumstances.

Next, the plastic name badge is used in this job, too. Reusable badges are used during their demonstration training or in the field. The plastic used in this kind of fireman name badge contains melamine. It is a synthetic polymer which is heat resistant and temperature tolerant, similar to their official jacket or uniform.

Another kind of name badge for fireman are pinned name badges, this is also used in their official uniforms. This is small and can be pinned already in uniforms, no need to grab for a lanyard name badge during emergency. It can be made out of brass, silver, gold or more practical ones like plastic.

Lanyard name badges also serve as a name badge for fireman. This is used during their other programs like giving seminars like an Earthquake Drill or trainings like First Aid among other things. These programs are conducted in different environments. For example, the Earthquake Drill can take place in a school, a company building, and government buildings or even in public places like the mall or park.

The fireman name badge can help the crowd to avoid confusion during seminars and can easily identify whom they must ask questions to. Thus, a fireman name badge may have different types of material used but each have its own purpose and still for one cause –identification.