How To Make Plastic Name Badges

More companies and businesses are using the plastic name badges more and more over the past few years. This is due to the reduced price of the plastic card printers which has made it affordable for small businesses and companies. These printers with new technology have also been developed to print other things such as gift cards. Printers are however not the only equipment required to custom make plastic name badges. If a photo is required for the name badge then a digital camera must be available. The camera, blue or white back ground and visible light are a must. To avoid shadows two lights on either side of the camera are used. This image is then transferred to a computer. Scanners can also be used to scan the name badge holder’s image which can then be sent to the computer. Just like with a camera. Once on the computer, plastic card/name badge software is needed. The software will play around with the image to produce the best photo, increase security by adding other features such as shadow or unique print. It will also connect to the company data base to view the data and store the manufactured details. The software selected should be able to make the best use of the printer features such as printing on two sides, adding magnetic strips or chips among others. With all the information available, the name badge can then be printed using a plastic card/name badge printer.

Different printers have different prices. The printer prices elevate with increase on add-ons. Some features are however important to have as they improve security via the name badges. Such features include double side printing, magnetic strips encoding, built in RFLD chips among others. A badge is printed, it needs a badge holder. A badge holder aids in the wearing of a badge. For plastic name badge, a clear plastic or vinyl holder is used. These holders not only aid in wearing but also in the preservation of the name badge making it last longer. The holders can be attached to pins, clips, magnets or lanyards. These are what attach the badge to the badge holder. With this equipment it is so much easier to design and make a name badge within the company and avoid purchase which sometimes is very troublesome. Moreover, custom made name badges really reflect the company’s r a business’s personality.

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