Importance of Police Name Badges

In the wake of several police power mishandling and unduly verdicts is the inevitable public doubt towards police sovereignty over the Metropolitan security. This is an on-going state, subsequent incidents of maltreatment imprinted an issue on their credibility.

How can the police regain its ties with the people under its rule? Greater Metropolitan Police resorts to one commonly adapted by police agencies across the world, topping off their uniforms with police name badges. Majority of the GMP officers making rounds over their jurisdiction on their official business have name badges on. It was on the year 2003 when the Metropolitan Co-ordination and Policing Committee recognized the significance of police Velcro badges, containing the family surname and designation of police officers. Thus it was ordered to include name badges on uniforms of police officers of particular ranks.

Committee arrived at this on a couple of premises starting from their members’ motions up to the survey statistics that majority of the citizens favor this enhancement. With respect to the 2009 G20 London Summit raised controversy of police identification numbers being concealed, a further campaign from the police committee ordered all Bobbies of Greater Manchester to wear magnetic police name badges with full names and ranks being revealed. Each member, including officers and staffs, has no exception to the rule. Only police officers working undercover or wearing riot gears can take off their name badge.

MP is alarmed by the increasing negative impression of Bobbies gained from publicised consecutive acts of incivility of their members in the Metropolitan area. Issuing police name badges to every Manchester police officer breaks the ice. It was said this effort is to improve GMP’s customer service. With Bobbies parading their names, there are anticipated results of better police image as well as improved relationship with the public. The better end result is an improved discipline engraved on each police officer that every action performed is based on the police appropriate manner of response towards crimes.

Such GMP movement shall not particularly focus on the improvement of the police image, but in its essence recognize that this badge movement is to further address the declining discipline of police officers, who are supposed to be the main players showing off order and discipline to the public. Fixing the move on this goal performs implicit growth of accountability on each police officer and staff, creating improved GMP dedication in providing security to all members of the public. After all, this is the paramount reason Metropolitan Policing exists.