Improve Customer Service With Name Badges

It is possible to improve customer service with name badges. For some companies, name badges can be a problematic issue. Managers might want their staff members to wear name badges, but employees may be resistant to the idea, wondering why name badges are essential in the first place.

So, why should employees wear name badges at all? A study conducted by Shopper Anonymous, one of Australia’s leading mystery shopping organisations, revealed that establishments with employees wearing name badges increased customers’ satisfaction in terms of shopping experience.

The firms being studied showed a 12% higher customer service satisfaction rate compared to firms which do not require the wearing of name badges. If this study is anything to go by, then wearing name badges can be truly effective, if such a simple thing can benefit customers.

Additionally, all of the other people who have to deal with a company or a store can also benefit from employees who are wearing name badges. First of all, the badges can easily remind them of the names of the people they are dealing with. Name badges can also distinguish employees from customers. We don’t want customers approaching other customers, mistakenly thinking they are part of the staff.

Name badges can also ‘humanize’ a company’s management and employees. Customers realize that the staff is made up of real persons and are not just random faces or voices representing the company. Moreover, the practice of using name badges for identification is also helpful to build stronger relationships among employees and between employees and the customers. Customers will find the entire business easier to identify with this way.

A name badge is also a strong sign that an individual is not just an anonymous person and that the individual is accountable to the business for any actions and decisions. With these benefits and advantages of name badge use in mind, a company should then think of ways to encourage the use of name badges. For starters, employers can let staff know what the advantages of name badges are. Encourage the staff to think of additional ways that name badges can help as well. If the employees themselves see the benefit of wearing in the badges, they will be more willing to use them.

If management needs to be strict in enforcing this point, they could also make the wearing of name badges a requirement for completing the required uniform worn by employees, and then make sure that employees are complying with the set dress code.
This can also become a game by offering rewards and prizes to those who wear their name badges. Management can also make the badges more interesting by doing away with boring old job titles and affixing fun-sounding ones, such as “Jane Larson, Eagle-Eyed Editor” for the editor in your publishing company.

An effective way of encouraging the use of badge is by ensuring that everyone is wearing one, especially managers, supervisors, and all the way to the head of the company. This practice will show that everyone is in it together and that badges are for everyone, not just the people in the lower levels of the company.

In the event that somebody forgets his or her badge, a way to handle that situation is to have two made for each employee and have one kept at work in case they leave one at home. That way, there is always a spare in the event of forgetfulness or the destruction of one of the badges.

One of the important things a company must consider is the design of its name badges. The badges must not just look good but also be easy to read. The badges must continue to still be visible even under artificial light. The font of the text on the badges must be readable. Keep in mind that to be most effective, the text which is chosen must be as large as the badge will allow, so customers can easily read the badges. The style used use must also be easy to read, with the overall look of the badge being formal/informal enough to fit your company culture.

Your name badges can also be used to strike up conversations. In places such as Disneyworld and even some restaurants, employees wear name badges that include the name of a place underneath their names. This place can be where they were born or where they came from prior to moving to their current location. This detail interests a lot of customers and can be a good conversation starter. This will result in establishing good rapport between the staff and customers.

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