Inexpensive Name Badges

Today’s world economy is experiencing recession and numerous companies are doing their own cutbacks on expenses. The companies are cost conscious and would settle for inexpensive supplies to survive the economic depression. How can the company save cost and yet supply their employees name badges?

There are several ways to have inexpensive name badges. The simplest is to print the name of the employees on sheets of white paper or card. The company can purchase clear plastic name badge holders with pin or clip attachment. Cut the printed white sheets of paper according to the size of the plastic name badge holders and insert into the plastic. The cost of plastic name badges holder and sheets of paper is very minimal and the company can still supply the employees with their name badges.

Another way is to use reusable name badges which is not as inexpensive as the paper in a plastic badge holder but can still save some money for the company. With the reusable name badges, the company does not have to order name badges when a name badge gets broken or when someone resigns. The name of the employee on the name badge can easily be changed and the name badge can be used again. Reusable name badges have a window where a paper with the printed name of the employee, is inserted. In this way, the company is saved from ordering frequently for name badges.

In this next method, the company will spend only for the initial order but will be able to save money because of the durability of the name badges. The Inexpensive Name Badges with protective coating will be used for a long time hence, the cost will be reduced. This type of name badges is made of either plastic or metal but metal is more durable than plastic. The metal name badges are made stronger because of the coating that will protect it from scratches and flaking. These types of name badges are not inexpensive but the sturdiness of the material will make it worthy.

Name badges are already part of the employees’ attire and certainly part of the marketing aspect of the company. Certainly, the company recognises the role of the name badges in its development. Inexpensive or not, the company will find a way to supply its employees with name badges.

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