Inspiring Name Badges

How can employers encourage their staffs to wear name badges? Why do employees dislike wearing name badges? What techniques can employers do to make their staff wear name badges?

There are employees who do not like to wear name badges for varied reasons. Some feel that it is an inconvenience because they have to put it on and then put it off again. Some employees are rebellious because they see their superiors are not wearing one. There are also some who are just plain forgetful. As leaders, managers and employers should show their employees the significance of name badges by wearing it themselves. Employees will be embarrassed if they see their superiors wearing one and they are not. They will not doubt the importance of wearing name badges. Besides, it will be easier for the managers to reprimand the employees without name badges, if they are wearing a badge. Managers can say that there are no exceptions to the rule because even the higher-ups are wearing it.

To make it easy for everyone to follow the rule of wearing name badges, managers should think of various schemes to urge employees to obey the rule. During staff meetings, the managers and employees could discuss their experiences regarding name badges. The employees could share how name badges helped ease the anxiety of a customer and make a sale. The employees could also suggest how to improve the design of the name badges. The management could even have a contest about it. The employees, then, will be more willing to wear the name badges they designed. For absent-minded staffs, managers could order two sets of name badges for each employee. One will be taken home by the employee and the other will remain in the office. In the event the employee neglected to bring his name badge, he will use the one remaining in the office but with a penalty like putting an amount into the tip box. One more approach is to hold a team contest. The employees could be grouped into teams and there will be random inspections. The team with employees with complete name badges will win a prize. The team with incomplete name badges missed their chance. This way, employees will be watching each other.

The managers must enforce the rule of wearing name badges because it is part of his job. Employees must realise that it is part of their job to obey the rules. If it is a rule to wear name badges, employees must follow this rule to show their discipline and professionalism.

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