Is Office Name Badges required to the Company

Whenever one gets hired to work for a company, receiving the office badges signifies a sense of belonging. Employees working for high-profile companies can be seen wearing their office badges with great pride. It is for this reason why companies put importance in the design of their office badge.

In the past, an office name badges is as simple as an ID card that bears the company logo, the office address, a 1X1 ID photo of the employee, his ID number, his complete name, the department he works for, his manager and his work designation. As years pass and as technology improve, office badges have become more complex and sophisticated. Human Resources have included information relevant to the employees such as emergency contact numbers. Some even indicate the employee’s blood type and whether he is an organ donor or not. The once simple ID card printed on plain card board is now seen printed on card plastics.

Depending on each company’s requirement, office badges, aside from serving as identification of the company’s many employees, can now be made readable by time keeping machines to track each employee’s work hours. Other companies opted to include key access in their office badges to enjoy a more secure work place as they were able to limit entry to certain offices only to authorized employees. In this context, the office name badges can be looked at as an important device that an employee uses in his day to day activities in the office.