It’s Easy to Talk Wearing A Name Badges

It is not an easy task to talk comfortably to a person whom you’ve met for the first time. In normal situations, the first meeting of two strangers would usually start with the basic question, “What is your name?” It is not an easy task to develop a conversation to a person that one barely knows.

Now, for years, companies have made strategic plans to solve and develop this relationship between an employee and a customer. One strategy is introduction and recognition. If a customer needs help and recognizes you, for sure he will feel secured because he knows you can help him. One of the most effective ways of recognition is a name badge or a name tag. Thanks to these name badges, it does not only cut the time-consuming and unnecessary introductions but leaves a personal touch as well.

Different name badges are designed for different kinds of situations. When a person goes to a fast food chain, one thing people would not miss to notice is that all crews are wearing name badges. These allow the customers to distinguish the crew from the crowd. Recognizing a person creates a sense of familiarity and leads to a comfortable relationship between the crew members and the crowd. In fast food chains, the usual name badge contains a bold printed name of the crew member, his position and a small company logo. This does not benefit only the customers but the crew members as well. Because of these name badges, the crew members have a shared identity and a team spirit. With these advantages, it will surely increase the quality of customer service.

These badges are usually fun to look at because of the colorful borders which are attractive to customers. Some crew would have a slightly similar yet different name badge to emphasize positions. These crew members are usually managers, supervisors, manufacturers or sometimes important visitors.

Without these name badges, customers might interfere a crew’s work. For example, if the cashier in a certain fast food chain doesn’t have a name badge and the customer enquire for his name, this would undoubtedly annoy other people waiting for their turn to order. In such situation, name badges have become a nice way to save time.

Furthermore, employees wearing name badges tend to leave a good first impression; friendly, courteous and polite. These are the qualities that convince a customer. Wearing these name badges create a relaxing atmosphere that enables a very efficient communication.