Kids Name Badges

Are you a primary school teacher? Tired of your pupils always arguing? Looking for a handy craft as an icebreaker? Why not try making kids name badges?

Kids in kindergarten are moody yet playful at the same time. They will love the DIY kids name badges after they have done one on their own. The kids name badges making are getting enjoyable as kids enjoy the craft. This will enhance their creativity and productivity. Instead of building walls, build friendships. The kids name badges will do exactly that. When the kids recognize each other, they will assume that they can trust them because their name is posted in his name badge.

A DIY kids name badges is an easy task as long as you have all the art materials you want them to use. It really depends on you on how you would encourage each one of the kids to let their creativity flow. Materials can start from a piece of white board, a crayon and a pencil.

Don’t forget to encourage the kids to choose bright bubbly colours instead of dark one in their designs. Bright colors would make a perfect kids name badges. The colours will lift up the tense atmosphere and children would often think of happy thoughts. Dark colours are pretty disturbing especially for a kid.

If you want to explore a wider scope, try using small beads for the girls and small white stones for the boys. Kids name badges making will definitely take all their time. The kids will enjoy their own finished artwork.

After the kids name badges making, gather all their name badges and laminate them or put them in a plastic ID card. Kids should be treated correctly and make them feel appreciated and loved. Have them wear their very own kids name badges.

If you don’t like the idea of letting the kids make name badges for themselves, there are other options available too. One would be buying sticker name badges adorned with unisex designs. You can give one sticker to each kid and have them write their nicknames. Another option would be printing them right in your home computer. Kids name badges are popular and has many designs. It can be themed with different seasons, sports or hobbies. If you can make a name badge then design it with light colours instead of bold rich colours. Otherwise, there are free printable kids name badges online too.