Lanyards: A Fun Way To Hold Name Badges

A lanyard is an extensive chord worn around the neck or the arm. They are worn to carry something that can easily be lost. Such items can include phones, keys, USB flash drivers or name badges. They are especially suitable for name badges as they enable proper viewing of the name badge as well as keep the badge safe.

Lanyards are very appropriate in the drub corporate world where all employee name badges are similar. An employee in this case can choose a lanyard that best suits their personality. It can be full of colour or simple. Companies also use lanyards as promotional tools and for marketing. They simply print the company logo on their employee lanyards or print a product. One advantage of doing this is that the lanyard is highly visible and attractive and people always look at them.

Lanyards are attached to name badges through a hole on the badge. One end of a lanyard is slipped through the hole and then the lanyard is locked into place. Several attachments are used for this. A clip attachment simply attaches the lanyard through the badge slot using a clip. An o-ring slides the pin fastener on the badge holder and secures two separate ends. Snap and buckle release is as the name suggests, a snap buckle that can release to allow sliding of the lanyard through the badge hole and then comes together again. A zip chord allows the extension of a badge without removing the lanyard. Different attachments are suitable for different audiences. It is thus important to consider the people who will wear the lanyards in order to select the most suitable attachment. For example the clip attachment is good for corporate personnel; however it will prove cumbersome for children or aged people with motor problems.

Lanyards can be of simple basic and non-printed or can be complex with many colours and writings on their surface. A good example is the lanyards used for promotional puroses. These have to be brightly coloured to catch someone’s eye and printed with some important information like a product or company logo. Lanyards can be elastic chords, metal chains, polyester, silk, knitted cotton among many others.

Personal preferences will mostly determine the selection not only of the material f the lanyard but also the design. The important thing is that it brings out the wearer’s personality or promotes the company accordingly.

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