Lanyards And Hanging Name Badge Holders

Lanyards are a practical method of securing a name badge which is not attached to an article of clothing or accessories. The chances of losing a name badge because it fell from a coat pocket or pants pocket is greatly diminished when it is attached to a lanyard. A name badge or security card is much less likely to be taken from an employee’s locker, car or purse when attached to a lanyard.

A work environment where employees must wear different garments while going from outdoors to indoors or from a warm room to a walk-in freezer, for example, would highly benefit from wearing their name badges with a lanyard. A gardening shop worker would change often while working indoors and out in the weather. Instead of removing the name badge from a work shirt and attaching it to a jacket and then reversing the process several times during the day, the employee could wear their name badge attached to a lanyard hung around his or her neck.

Other workers and management can easily see the ID badge when worn about the neck on a lanyard and customers can also locate an employee with ease.

A name badge attached to a lanyard could be worn all day. For privacy and security reasons, the name badge would remain on a lanyard and visible during work hours and easily tucked inside a worker’s shirt during lunch breaks away from the company.

Some companies require a name badge and a security card. A name badge inside of a clear plastic badge holder can be attached to a lanyard. A security card will fit inside most plastic badge holders along with the name badge, thus allowing two forms of ID to be carried in one container.

Companies that require employees to carry both ID badges and security cards work in many ways to narrow the chance of these items being lost or stolen. Name badges, ID badges and security cards are less likely to be lost or stolen when they are attached to a lanyard around someone’s wrist or neck.