Lanyards And School ID Badges

Another inexpensive yet colourful way to raise funds for a school project is by selling lanyards. The name of your school can be printed onto the fabric of the lanyard. They can be designed to reflect the name of the school and even be manufactured in school colours.

Each lanyard comes with a clip attachment for securing hanging badge holders or other small items. Lanyards are a practical idea when children need to carry school ID badges, bus passes and even pocket money. The chances of losing a school ID card or bus pass because it fell from a coat pocket or pants pocket is greatly reduced when attached to a lanyard.

As unfortunate as it may be, theft is sometimes a problem in the school environment. Instead of keeping small valuables in the student’s school bag, he or she can keep them close by on a lanyard. During playtime, they can easily tuck their ID badges inside their uniform shirt, then once back inside, they can take them back out to safely display them.

Children are often going from indoors to outdoors and back again and in doing so, are in and out of jackets and sweaters. Whether at school, on the way home or playing at the park, it is easy for a child to forget their school bag at school or lose their jacket at the park. To guard against losing a name badge or school ID, keeping those items on a lanyard nearly eliminates such an occurrence.

Children school outings will be safer and less likely to lose important documents. It will also be easier for teachers to keep track of them when they are wearing their school ID on lanyards sporting their school colours. School name badges attached to a lanyard can also make children feel included, thereby creating confidence and improving social skills.

A house key can be attached to a lanyard along with their ID badge, lessening the chance of losing their key.

There is often a charge for reproducing a lost or stolen school ID badge. Using a lanyard just might save mum and dad some money!