LED Name Badges A Digital Badge For A Brighter Business Future

There are many available kinds of name badges in the market today. Among the wide selection of name badges, the most advanced and probably the most in demand type of name badge is the LED Name Badge. LED name badges are magnetic name tags that are programmed with digital messages for the reading pleasure of everyone. They are usually 5/8” x 2.6” in size, made of an acrylic front panel that covers the LED, and are operated using a single 3V battery.

LED name badges can store up to ten different messages with a maximum of 255 characters per message. They can be customized as to which messages you would like to show and how fast you would like your messages to run. LED name badges display messages like a horizontal scrolling marquee in big font that are ½” in height. Aside from your special announcements,digital badge can also include your company name and logo in the scrolling message.

Scrolling messages are far more striking than a non-moving static message hence grabs more audience attention. The color of the text display can also be customized. Whether you want your message in red, blue, yellow, or orange to make it more attractive, the LED name badge can do it for you. This way, your digital messages will come across to your consumers more strongly and with better retention.

The recorded messages on your LED name badges can also be edited and revised from time to time depending on your requirements. Perfect for trade shows, sales calls, greeting messages, tag lines and promotions, you can use your LED name badges to prompt your clients and customers regarding freebies, price discounts, limited offers and other exclusive perks provided by your organization.

Digital badges are modern venues for cheap, everyday advertising. Digital badges are already used in several industries such as retail stores, automotive, fast food chains, tourism, schools, banks, restaurants, hotels and real estate. Even churches can promote their service times and mass schedules using LED name badges. A scrolling LED name badge is indeed an innovative way to inexpensively market your products, services and your entire business.