LED Name Badges

Have you ever thought of bringing high technology to your name badges? Since one primary need for a name badge is for it to be eye-catching, what better way to draw attention than to have one’s staff wear LED name badges?

LED name badges bring advanced technology to your regular and traditional name badge. If you want to be ahead of the pack, you may want to consider having a name badge that not only displays 3 lines of information but can store up to 8 lines with 256 characters of text.

LED badges are categorized as reusable name badges. Similar to a reusable name badge, there is no limit as to the number of times that an LED badge can be reused. The messages on a name badge can be changed any number of times as deemed necessary by the user. Since there are a lot more space in LED badges, the typical information that is contained on a regular name badge can be easily encoded in the LED badges along with other information such as the company slogan, tag lines and even product lines. LED name badges even have support for multi-language and customized logos.

Being an advanced digital name tag, an LED name badge gives the user flexibility in putting in messages. A user can choose to use a computer or simply manually input his message by pressing buttons at the back of the name badge.

LED name badges are as light weight as regular name badges. These name badges are offered in various shapes and are housed in either aluminum or frontal acrylic mate. The magnetic clip at the back of the name badge attaches it to almost everything. LED name badge background colors vary from red, yellow, blue or green and displays 12X36 pixels. The number of lines this particular name badge can accommodate ranges from 6 to 8 lines of 256 characters each to give more room for company advertisements and tag lines.

The speed at which the characters scroll on a LED badge can be adjusted for readability and easier translation. The level of brightness can also be adjusted for a greater impact or to simply save on battery. A cost saving feature of a LED name badge is its low power consumption.

An LED badge simply overflows with features making it a wise choice for one who puts first impressions on their priority list. Use it to get that much sought after approval and thumbs up signs!