Low Cost Name Badges

During these difficult times, it’s only right to be practical. Everyone else is longing for a good buy to get the most out of their money’s worth. One common trick that companies have up their sleeves to get the attention of these practical buyers is to put a big red sign on the door that announces big discounts.

Now let me ask you this, are you buying it? Remember that regardless of what business the company is in, the bottom line is that they close a sale or profit at the end of day. When organizing special occasions such as birthdays, family reunions, or any other events, organizers may not consider name badges as important as the birthday cake or give-aways and set little time and budget in its preparation.

Most often, they fall into a name badge supplier’s trap of promises; low cost and short delivery period. Depending on the actual purpose where a name badge is to be used, a low cost name badge may or may not be the perfect solution. If it’s going to be used in a small gathering of sorts, one can go for custom name badges and these are even available online free of charge. This may be an even better idea than spending on low cost name badges.

For companies to still profit from selling low cost name badges, they use generic name badge pins and clips for their attachment. Often, the quality of the print made on low cost name badges is also compromised to give room for profit. Aside from the fact that low cost name badges have very limited name badge design flexibility, they are also susceptible to scratches and fading. Unlike their pricier counterparts that come in brass, stainless steel metal, zinc alloy, enamel coating, and scratch-free finish, low cost name badges will not be able to withstand long use.

Low cost name badges are often unreliable. There is always the danger of the low cost name badge coming off prematurely from a guest’s lapel. Wouldn’t it be such a blunder if this happens in a very special event such as a product launch? Much worse is the damage that low cost name badges could inflict on one’s expensive shirt or suit.

It is very important that one decide whether getting low cost name badges is the best solution. For companies who hold events on a regular basis, investing on reusable name badges may be a better option than acquiring low cost name badges that would be good for just one event.