Magnetic Enamel Badges

A magnetic badge has its work-a-day uses, but it can also provide an artistic outlet and an opportunity to make money. Name badge manufacturers can take an artist’s image, design or drawing just as easily as a company’s logo or employee name, and produce eye-catching works of art.

Schools and charitable organisations benefit when trying to raise extra money for activities and events. With a comparatively small investment, a simple pin button can be transformed into a fun and unusual fund-raising item. Another plus to selling these small magnetic buttons is that the purchasing price can be low enough that children can afford them easily and parents won’t mind purchasing them, either. Enamel badges are also very fun and quite popular. Again, the limit lies within the artist’s own imagination and capabilities. These little badges are very fashionable, not to mention that they are kind to your clothing and fingers.

Besides being a popular vehicle for marketing firms and employee-identification, enameled badges have been a standard fashion accessory for children and adults. Cartoon and comic book characters have been stamped onto pin buttons for decades.

Magnet buttons are just as easy and inexpensive to produce. A magnetic button can be a colourful and happy reminder of passing a class or completing a workshop. All those who attended could mark their accomplishment by being awarded enameled magnetic buttons which could be worn or displayed.

Adults enjoy their favourite type of pet, saying or vacation destination on buttons and badges. How much more would they appreciate an enameled badge that became a decorative magnet on their refrigerator or metal cabinet door?

By purchasing blank magnetic metal name badges, a creative person skilled in the art of cloisonné could design and sell jewelry. Suddenly, the magnetic name badge becomes jewelry. The opportunities are endless for both the business person and the artist.