Magnetic Name Badge

Magnetic name badges are commonly used today in various work places anywhere in the world. It is so customary that people tend to forget the reason for wearing them and assume that it is just a regulation of the company. Employees had forgotten what it was like in their work place when they were not yet wearing magnetic name badges. Before the advent of wearing magnetic name badges, many people come and go as they please inside the work place. No one is sure if the person they were talking to is an employee or a visitor.

A stranger can simply walk inside the work place, roam around and no one can reproach him because they were afraid to be embarrassed if he turns out to be an employee, much worse if he is a superior. When wearing magnetic name badges were not yet introduced to the employees, they are not familiar with their co-employees. Especially in a large work place with many departments, it is impossible to remember all the names of the employees.

The employees are only acquainted with the ones they work with. Magnetic name badges changed the situation in work places everywhere. The security of the work place was tighter because people have to present name badges before entering the premises. If no badges were presented, a visitor’s name badge will be issued to them after presenting proper identification.

It is now easier to differentiate the employees from the visitors. Employees are now well-informed about their co-employees. They can easily identify if a person is also an employee of the company and is authorized to be in a work place. Employees are now saved from the embarrassment of mistaking a superior to be an intruder. Magnetic name badges are the most suitable for employees in a work place as they look formal and exclusive.

They are also durable because of the protective coating shielding it from scratches and chips. This type of name badges is perfect for everyday wear. The magnet attachment will not leave holes in the attires of the employees and are easier to put on. People should be reminded of the reason for wearing magnetic name badges. Nobody wants to go back to the days when people are guessing if the person in their work place is a burglar or a boss. Magnetic name badges deserve the proper respect for the benefit they give.

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