Magnetic Name Badges

Magnetic name badges are the more expensive type of name badges. Unlike pin name badges, magnetic name badges can be used repeatedly without damaging the fabric of one’s clothing. For this reason, many companies adapted using magnetic name badges. Another primary reason why the use of magnetic name badges is preferred by many is its aesthetic appeal. A magnetic name badge lays flat on the fabric and radiates professionalism while providing identification.

Name Badge Company knows how important it is for any business to display professionalism at all times. We are greatly aware that name badges impact the first impression that a business makes on its clients.
In a corporate event, a variety of name badges can be seen sporting impressive designs. The shinier and the more professional magnetic name badges are often observed to be worn by employees of successful multinational companies. We would like to help you provide your employees an eye-catching and professional name badge that is cost-effective.

To show our commitment in partnering with our client in providing quality name badges, we will not charge you extra for a magnetic attachment. Regardless of the volume of your order, we will gladly provide you magnetic name badges. Our magnetic name badges will not only protect the fabric of your company uniform but will also serve to attract the attention of many. Our name badge designer will provide you expert help in designing your artwork should you be in a dilemma of what your magnetic name badge design should be.

This free artwork normally costs £30 yet we offer this free of charge even for just a single magnetic name badge. Despite our competitive cost, you will be sure that your magnetic name badges are made using high quality materials. Your magnetic name badges are sure to withstand long use and will never come off prematurely. In creating your magnetic name badges, select from 3 different shapes and from 8 colour options. We use RGB printing and pantone colour matching to print your logo at its exact colour scheme on your magnetic name badges.

No need to worry about keeping the professional look as your magnetic name badges are sure to come with polyurethane coating to keep them scratch-free. We will impress you with our prompt delivery of your magnetic name badge order and to show our appreciation, we give bigger discounts for bulk order. Contact us today for a free quotation on magnetic name badges!