Magnetic Qualities Of The Name Badge

Magnets can be as small as a sixpence or as large as an Audi sedan (think of the electro-magnetic crane at the wrecking yard); they can be found in aero plane engines and children’s toys. The pushing/pulling property of magnets also aid in recovery from sports injuries both for humans and animals. Now think of some reasons why you might not want your name badge to have an attachment pin on the back. One reason could be you don’t want to be sticking a pin through your good clothes every work day. Another reason could be that sooner or later you end up sticking your finger with it. Magnetic name badges eliminate both of those problems. Your ID badges can say the same thing and look just as you want them to look, with one important modification: no sharp points!

The badge portion is worn on the outside of your garment – just as it normally would – but a magnet is placed on the back side of the fabric behind the badge. Invisibly, it is held in place. This does not mean that your ID badges must be made of metal. Magnetic fixings can be attached to plastic, metal, wood and pliable PVC; even old badges with pin attachments can be modified and magnetised. Another option would be to purchase your name badge with both pin and magnetic fixings. Children, universally, like magnets. Children also, universally, like pin badges. Universally, children do not like to get their finger tips poked with the pin attachment on the back of their badges. Here is an opportunity to make a birthday party memorable and safe at the same time. Order PVC magnetic badges printed with popular children’s cartoon characters and as each child arrives, let him or her choose her favourite to wear for the afternoon.

Some employees balk at wearing name badges because of the reasons noted previously. They might even go so far as to say that they can’t wear their name badge because it is lost. With magnetic name badges, clothing and fingers are spared. At the end of their shift, the pin can be stuck to a metal cabinet door or drawer where it will patiently await the employee’s return the next day. No more fastening and unfastening; just pop both sides together and go!