Managers And Employee Name Badges

Many employees find name badges unattractive and they would rather not wear them. Many managers thus come across difficulties trying to convince their employees to wear name badges. This need not be the case; the managers can simply start with leading by example. When the managers are wearing name badges it will be harder for employees to raise any objections to wearing a name badge. It is also necessary to make name badges a part of the employee/staff attire. This can be safeguarded by including a clause in the employee contract which binds the employee name badges. The management can also introduce schemes that reward those who remembered to wear their name badges at all times, even promotions can be tied to wearing a name badge at the work place! Moreover, it is vital to make the staff members understand why it is so important to wear a name badge. Point out that customers appreciate knowing the person who is serving them. It makes it easier for them to communicate as they already know the staff member by name. They will also trust the staff member more for he/she is seen as more credible in their actions.

Customers also like it when they can distinguish between the staff and other shoppers. Customers are highly disappointed when they try to find something out only for the person they asked to tell them “sorry, I am not staff”. This can really bring a customer’s morale to the point of sending them away.

So as a manager the one thing any new or even old staff member need know is the importance of that little name badge. On the other hand, as a further measure of encouraging staff to wear name badge is making them comfortable while wearing the name badges. So how do you do this? For starters, choose a name badge design that is fashionable and fun to wear! It could be due to its colours, shape or attachments. The other thing is to avoid putting ranks on the name badge and approaching it with an almost casual air, use only one name! Also avoid badges that glare. Make them big and polished enough to be legible and neat even with bright lighting. If a manager follows this simple advice, the employees will not only oblige by wearing name badges but they will also like it. This will in turn do wonders to the business!

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