Medical ID Badges

We always know the name of our nurse or doctor. Why? Because their names are on their name badges clipped to their lab coats. Plastic ID badges are used in these environments for several reasons and your safety is chiefly one of them.

In a medical setting where you may not be at your best and most alert, you know the health care professional attending you is authorized to be there and to dispense aid. How do you know? Because you can see their name printed on their name badge which bears the name of the health care facility where you are seeking help.

A large clinic or hospital is divided into departments determined by medical specialty, patient condition and in some cases, by age. Which ID badge is worn by staff can be dictated by what department they are assigned, and today plastic name badges have become more than just a way to know someone by name. Plastic badges in hospitals, besides stating the name of the hospital, can tell a patient or worried parent who their nurse is, what department their doctor is from.

The name badges in children’s wards can be designed to be very different from the other departments. They could be very colourful and be a different shape. Some button badges are made to accommodate an adhesive label where the nurse, doctor or technician has written their name in colour felt-tip pen and decorated the label with different colours or happy faces.

In departments or clinics that specialise in caring for the elderly, the print on the ID badges could be printed in a larger font. This would be greatly appreciated by older patients and family members for ease of identification. It’s always comforting to know who is at your side when in hospital.

When a patient is in for a stay, they will most likely be seen by more than one physician. With little stretching of the imagination, it is easy to see where name badges play a big part in helping the patient to at least be able to address his attending physician properly.

There is no need to include the awkwardness felt when he cannot recall the doctor’s name or distinguish one physician from the other. A plastic name badge will straighten all that out.