Medical Name Badges

There is controversy about whether doctors and nurses should wear name badges. Some people in the medical profession would rather keep their names private, and believe that if medical professionals wear name badges at all, the first name or nicknames only should be printed on the badges.

The relationship between the doctor and the patient, as well as the relationship between the nurse and the patient is a significant factor in restoring the health of the patient. The doctor and the nurse must gain the trust and confidence of the patient to gather relevant information regarding a patient’s health and ultimate recovery. Medical name badges can facilitate the connection between the doctor, nurse, and patient. It is essential for the patient to know who is caring for him. The patient can rest easier if he is acquainted with the person who attends that patient’s care. Name badges raise the level of acquaintance to a more personal level. There are times when the patient is in pain and tends to forget who treated him. Name badges will remind him of the name of the doctor or nurse.

Medical name badges should represent the care providers and identify them as persons who are serious about their work. So, the type of name badges to be worn must be well chosen. The engraving should be clear and readable. The font must not be too elaborate. The medical name badge must portray the professionalism the care providers have.

There are several issues on what to print on the name badges. Some doctors are also concerned about where the best location to attach the name badges is: either on the chest or on the hips. If it is on the chest, the name badge gets in the way when the care giver stoops down to examine the patient. If it is on the hips, the badge may be too low to be properly visible. Another issue is whether or not to print the last name of the nurses. Since there are similar first names, the last names have often been included on the name badges.

The consideration of preserving privacy is important for any human being, including those in the medical profession. Those individuals especially should be proud of their vocation and be self-assured in their ability to provide quality care to patients. Bearing that in mind, medical professionals should wear their name badges with pride.