Metal and Plastic Name Badges

Name badges are part of the daily wear of the employees and the material it is made of must withstand the challenge of everyday wear. The most common choices for name badges material are metal and plastic. It will depend on the needs of the company if they prefer metal or plastic. The other types of material are paper and cloth that some people may prefer depending on the purpose of which it will be used. Metal name badges are more durable than plastic since they are made of steel and will not break easily.

They have a formal look that companies liked because their employees look qualified and presentable everywhere they go. Although metal name badges are a bit expensive than plastic, the long duration of which it can be used will make the price worthy. Plastic name badges are more flexible to design than metal name badges.

They can come in various colours, shapes and sizes and they are suitable for eye-catching designs that you want for your name badges. Although plastic name badges are not as durable as metal, they do not break that easily and could also last for a long time provided some care is put into it. They can also give a formal look but it will depend on the design. They have differences but they also have similarities. Metal and plastic name badges can have pin, clip or magnet fasteners.

Both display information relevant to the wearer and to the reason he is wearing one. Plastic and metal name badges can have protective coating that will safeguard the design from scratches and flakes. People compare metal and plastic name badges and wonder which one is really more advantageous. The truth is both are name badges that help the company to succeed. Companies use metal and plastic name badges as a marketing tool to enhance the relationship between their employees and customers. Employees feel confident when they wear name badges and are friendlier to customers.

Plastic or metal, both give name badges a special quality that makes it standout and get noticed by everyone. It is up to the company to decide which one will best represent the brand. One is certain when it comes to these two materials; they make name badges a dependable tool of marketing.

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