What’s New About Metal Name Badges

A more expensive but durable badge is the metal name badges or pin badge. Metal can be made of brass, zinc, iron, alloy or silver. Nowadays, metal badges are seen as having round, oval, square or rectangular shape. They can be multi-colored to reflect the various personalities of the bearer. Metal badges are more often preferred because of their durability.

A more popular example of a metal name badges is what the military use and refer to as “dog tags”. This kind of metal badges contains the military’s name, social security number, blood type, as well as religious preference. For people in the Marine Corps, their metal badges has an added line for the size of their gas mask.

Other examples of metal name badge come in the form of school pins and lapel pins. We also honor our pets by giving them their personalized metal name badges.

Although metal badge are often highly preferred for their durability and sophistication, not all companies can afford them as they are expensive and not easily replaceable as their counterparts.